Spirit of Adventure Show

1After 18 Sold-out Seasons, Mike David’s multimedia show, “Spirit of Adventure”, is a foray into a place no artist has gone before. It is a beautiful experiment of combined mediums of photography, storytelling and live world music that take visitors on a spellbinding journey through 8 countries.

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DVD & CD’s

2Would you like to follow Mike David on a wondrous journey around the world from the comfort of your home? You can now re-live Spirit of Adventure and listen to the music recorded live at the show.

Spirit of Adventure DVD Volume I
Spirit of Adventure DVD Volume II
Spirit of Adventure DVD & CD Combo

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Spirit of Adventure Book

3 After much anticipation, Mike David’s book, Spirit Of Adventure, has arrived. (Co-authored by Kevin Williams)

Peer through the lens of one of the country’s foremost international photographers as he transports you to some of the most beautiful and intriguing regions in the world.

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