After much anticipation, Mike David’s book, Spirit Of Adventure, has arrived. (Co-authored by Kevin Williams)

Peer through the lens of one of the country’s foremost international photographers as he transports you to some of the most beautiful and intriguing regions in the world. Embark on a journey to the remote villages of the Himalaya, the crystal blue waters of the tropics and the wind-blown peaks of the Patagonia Steppe.

Feel the rumble as bands of elephants charge the shores of the Chobe River. Follow in the footsteps of ancient poets and artists who sought inspiration in the misty crags of Yellow Mountain. Draw in the intoxicating aromas from sidewalk cafes as you stroll down the streets of Europe.

Then go beyond the photographs. Share in the stories that made capturing these images possible. Through his travel narratives, Mike David offers up the distinct point of view of the photographer and exposes you to the incredible cultures that inhabit these lands.
Spirit of Adventure is your passport to the world. But there are no bags to pack, no hotels to book and no planes to catch.

Accept this invitation to immerse yourself in this extraordinary experience. Rarely does an opportunity to view the world through such a unique perspective come along. Join Mike and his wife and travel companion Connie as they make their adventures across the hemispheres yours. But the photographs only reveal a part of the world’s great places. The remainder may be found within your own spirit of adventure.

General Information:

  1. 216 pages
  2. Dimensions: 10” x 13.5”
  3. Genuine Cloth Binding
  4. Includes over 200 Images from around the world

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