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Within the spirit of adventure belongs the photography of Mike David; recognized as one of the countries leading photographers. David’s award-winning work spans the globe and captures its magnificence.

It’s a celebration of nature’s diverse beauty as David’s photography takes you though the remote villages of the Himalayas, the crystal blue water of the Tropics, the splendor of Europe, the wilds of Africa, the color of South America and points in between, including magnificent Colorado. His eye for the dramatic and unusual brings the essence of the adventure home.

Mike’s life-long passion for adventure has taken him over 40 countries while his interest and experience in photography flourished. Mike, along with travel companion and wife Connie, takes 2 or 3 month-long, self-guided trips annually. On a typical day they are up to catch the exhilarating first breath of light and out till the day’s dramatic end.

Mike David’s photography is shot in 35mm and 6x7cm format. The images are prints on the highest quality photographic paper, displayed with acid-free mattes and custom framed using top-of-the-line materials.

Mike David’s work was recently honored by Pentax USA at the International Photo Marketing Convention at the Las Vegas Convention Center. His work is now on permanent exhibit exclusively at Cherry Creek and Park Meadows Shopping Malls. Mike is also known for his epic Spirit of Adventure presentations featuring imagery from around the world. These events are held seasonally.

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Mike David’s Spirit of Adventure


Travel Advisory: Experiencing ‘Spirit of Adventure’ Can Trigger a Severe Desire to Book a Trip to a Faraway Land

Mike David’s Multimedia Sensation Heads Into Uncharted Territory After 14 Sold-out Seasons

Imagine a map, frayed around the edges, travel-stained and rain-soaked but with a conspicuous spot in the middle, devoid of any markings. Within that spot lies the unknown wilds where no foot has previously tread. It is in that space that Mike David finds meaning: in his travels, yes, but more so in his work.

David’s multimedia show, “Spirit of Adventure,” is a foray into a place no artist has gone before. It is a beautiful experiment of combined mediums of photography, storytelling and live world music that take visitors on a spellbinding journey through 8 countries.

High-definition images tower above you on a giant screen, the verdant greens of jungles and cerulean blues of oceans displayed in vivid detail with the latest Blu-ray technology. At the same time, melodies drift up from the stage, played expertly by world musicians who are masters of their craft. Guzheng and drums, ouds and guitars combine with ethereal vocals to bring the cultures of the lands you are stepping into to life. Throughout it all, the Mike David tells stories of his travels, offering personal insights into some of the Earth’s most distant lands and their inhabitants.

As a child fascinated with maps and distant lands, David always had an underlying sense of adventure. As a successful business entrepreneur, his work life allowed him the opportunity to fulfill his dreams of world travel, now at 45 countries and counting. Along the way, he became fascinated with the cultures of the places he visited, collecting their stories and music and taking photographs of everything he saw.

In December 2001 an idea hit: What if he could share the images, stories and music with others? “Spirit of Adventure” was an instant success. It has evolved continually over the years and has sold out 14 of its past 18 seasons. David continues to travel, bringing his passion for the world home to the United States.

Mike David resides in Westminster, Colo., with his wife, Connie, when he is not out traveling the globe.

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